All Fees are Tax Deductible when rentals are Business Related Expenses.

Sports Memorabilia Rental Rates


Short Term (up to 3 months)
Medium Term (3 – 12 months)
Long Term (12+ months)

Decide what memorabilia piece you want

Firstly you need to let us know what memorabilia you want.
Browse through our online store to choose the memorabilia that suits your space.

Once we have your requirements and your selected memorabilia we will send you a quotation and agreement.

Approve the rental agreement

You just need to send us an email approving the agreement. Remember that you’re never locked into a contract. You can terminate the agreement at any stage with 1 weeks notice.

Short Term Rental: All we need is payment of the agreed rental term + delivery fees

Medium Term Rental: Payment of the first month of the agreed rental term + delivery fees

Long Term Rental: Payment of the first 2 months of the agreed rental term + delivery fees

We’ll prepare the memorabilia for rental

Some of the memorabilia may need to be framed, so please allow 1-2 weeks for your memorabilia to be delivered.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Rent to Buy: You can decide to pay the difference in rental to the current cost of the same memorabilia and buy the memorabilia.


Select New Memorabilia: You can choose a selection of new sports memorabilia to rent from our online store. We will arrange return delivery of our existing memorabilia and prepare the new memorabilia to be delivered to you. A delivery fee will be charged when we replace your memorabilia.


End the Agreement: Contact us to arrange delivery of the memorabilia back to us.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]A fee of $20 will be charged for the delivery of 1 or multiple pieces to the one address

If memorabilia is replaced with new memorabilia a new delivery fee will be charged.

There will be no charge for the collection of rented pieces from the renter’s premises.